May 17 2017 – John Brown of Haslemere – Aged 92 – Letter regarding the forthcoming C.E.M. Joad Biography



Trump, Joad and Nuclear War – West Sussex Gazette – April 12 2017 – Letter – “Trump’s global war game” by Richard W. Symonds



Dear Editor

As Trump’s America plays its own potentially-catastrophic global war game, we would do well to remember a forgotten English philosopher and writer – C.E.M. Joad (1891-1953) – whose work is exhibited at the Arundel Museum this week (‘The Joadian Way’ Exhibition – April 7-14).

67 years ago, in June 1950 at the start of the Cold War, Joad won an Oxford Union Debate against Randolph Churchill – chaired by Robin Day [an Oxford ‘stringer’ for Time magazine which later covered the debate under the heading “Heading for Hell?”]:

“That this House regrets the influence exercised by the U.S. as the dominant power among the democratic nations”.

Yours sincerely
Richard W. Symonds
The Joad Society
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Ifield Street, Ifield Village
Crawley, West Sussex RH11 0HX
Tel: 07540 309592 (Text only – Very deaf)

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