“One Forgotten Life Remembered” – An Easter Poem by Richard W. Symonds

“One Forgotten Life Remembered” – An Easter Poem by Richard W. Symonds

Anniversary, again unnoticed
Cyril Joad’s, six four be
Painful death, of cancer
April nine, five three.

Born five months later
Later, teaching me
Never make too complex
That which should not be.

Health in all abundance
With wit and reason too
His cup, it spilleth over
With pleasures overfilled.

Evil he encountered
Saw pain of cruelty
Face to face with himself
And Christ upon a tree.

Words with scalpel knife did write
With crystal clarity
Flowing ink later transformed
By simple Charity.

As a teacher he inspired
As celebrity entertained
As philosopher, outcast sure
As a Christian, forgotten now.

Pain his final Easter
Lost faith in Reason clear
Found Love beyond all measure
What a Friend, did pray:

‘When it strikes that searing pain
I will be, Oh, so near
I, for you, Thy Healer be
And Be eternally’


C.E.M. Joad’s 64th Anniversary will be marked by the Joadian Way Ramblette – Saturday April 8 – 11am to 1pm – From Amberley Station to South Stoke [and return].



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