The Soul – From Bonnet to Priestley to Joad to Chomsky

“If anyone was ever to demonstrate that the soul is material, far from being alarmed, one would have to admire the power that endowed matter with the capacity to think”

~ Charles Bonnet [1720-1793] – Naturalist and Philosophy Writer – “Philosophical Palingesis” [or ‘Ideas on the Past and Future States of Living Beings’] – 1770 – Volume 1. Page 50

“It should be possible to reinterpret the rich and illuminating record of thinking about the nature of the soul, though now divorced of the theological conditions and from the metaphysical framework of earlier years”

~ Noam Chomsky [1928-Present] – Philosopher of Language – “What Kind of Creatures Are We?” [Columbia 2016] – Page 52


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