From Joad To Corbyn – “Churchillian Attacks”

In 1950, Cyril Joad warns of an over-dependence U.S. power  – but no-one takes much notice (despite winning an Oxford Union Debate).

In 2015, Jeremy Corbyn calls for an end to Britain’s dependence on the US-controlled Trident nuclear-weapons system – but his Party (and the Unions) don’t agree.

Here is a letter published in the local paper:

Crawley Observer Letter – “Churchillian attacks”

Saturday 26 September 2015

Dear Editor

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn caused front page national headlines last week – and the ire of Winston Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames – by not singing the national anthem, such as Daily Telegraph’s front page, “Corbyn snubs Queen and country”.

South Downs philosopher Cyril Joad caused similar media outrage in 1933 – and angered Winston Churchill himself – when he won a controversial Oxford Union Debate:

“That under no circumstances will we fight for King and Country”

What can we expect next from Jeremy Corbyn, which is likely to provoke further media – and Churchillian – attacks?

A clue might be found at another controversial Oxford Union Debate in 1950 – which ‘Professor’ Joad also won – and which angered and outraged Winston Churchill’s son Randolph: “That this House regrets the influence exercised by the US as the dominant power among the democratic nations”


Richard W Symonds,

The Joad Society, 



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