From Joad To Corbyn – “The US Are Leading Us To Hell”

Click the picture to read about the people in the group. Picture courtesy of the Estate of Robin Day – “Grand Inquisitor, Memoirs” by Sir Robin Day (c) 1989

Jeremy Corbyn is not the first socialist to send the British Establishment into an apoplexy of rage. Socialist philosopher Cyril Joad also managed to trigger outrage when he won a 1950 Oxford Union Debate:

“That This House Regrets The Influence Exercised By The U.S. As The Dominant Power Among The Democratic Nations”

“The nations are heading for hell, and it is America which is leading us there…[American influence] corrupts, infects, pollutes whatever it touches”, said Joad – three years before his death in 1953, of cancer, aged 61.

In the 60-plus years which have elapsed since, it is difficult not to agree with ‘Professor’ Joad, especially when the Labour Leader sparks more Establishment fury by using his first major speech to apologise to the British public for the invasion of Iraq, and stating British military forces must not be used for any more regime changes:

Jeremy Corbyn

"We make ourselves safer by not being part of US foreign policy at every turn. ISIS did not come from nowhere...they are - not in total, but in part - a creation of Western interventions in the region"

Like Joad, Corbyn has seriously upset the Establishment - not just in Westminster but also in Washington.





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